Kelly Preston, Marooned

So the new video for Maroon 5 has Kelly Preston playing a Mrs. Robinson-ish part to the hot singer's Benjamin. Apparently the singer is dating Kelly Preston's 18 year old daughter (that looks like a model) and is sleeping with Kelly Preston as well. Fine, done before.
The real shocker in this video is how old and weathered Kelly Preston looks. They made her into some Miami Rich Bitch of a Mom and it's not pretty! I know she is pushing middle age but what I want to know is what happened to my Kelly Preston of old days. I love the cute newcomer Kelly Preston in Mischief. I love the perky-ditz bubble gum chompin' Tish from Space Camp! Where is that Kelly Preston? I don't want used Gucci handbag Kelly Preston. I just don't. And I can tell you right now, neither does the singer for Maroon 5.


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