Six Feet Under 7.26.04

Why is Claire doing an unknown drug? Why is Russell in her house and why hasnt he shaved that moustache yet? Why is Jenni Garth's husband having a threesome with the girl that looks like the stuttering chick from Niagara, Niagara who is also a witch because I saw her in The Craft? Why is Claire acting retarded (yet humorous)?

A good episode, emotional weight on David. When he confesses the whole tortorous ordeal of the prior week to Claire, it breaks your heart. Then in breaking heart mode... Poor Nate is forced back into the business to releave David of duties, then fucked up Brenda comes over claiming she cant change and kisses Nate.

Again I ask, is everyday above ground a good one for these characters? God Damn their lives suck ass.


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