Monday Views

Road Rules Extreme is turning into an extreme case of cry-babies. They lost another mission tonight so they have to now vote off a castmember. Instead of being selfish they decide to put all their names in a hat and let lady luck have her wicked way with them. I'm sorry but if I was there that bitch Jodi would be goooooooone before my name randomly went into a hat. Hells No!

DNC-Primetime - I just cast my vote for Bill Clinton. If that man ran again today, I would vote for him a third time. He is just incredible to watch. An amazing speaker, an incredible presence on stage, and loved by all. Hell at one point Chris Matthews even got 3 female Senators to say Clinton was "good for women" while in office! This man is Political Scotchguard! I love him. Is there a fill in the blank section on the ballot?


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