Amish in the City

Oh, it's good!  Always fascinated by the whole Amish coming of age rite called Ramsphringa (sp?) Amish in the City was right up my horse and buggy.  Both HBO and PBS have done amazing documentaries on the process.  When an Amish kid turns 17 or 18 they are allowed to leave the Amish lifestyle and live like everyone else, to experience the horrors of the world outside their community.  Apparently over 90% of those that leave, return to the Amish lifestyle within a couple years and are baptised into the community for life.  Basically the culture shock of the real world sends these kids back into the arms of their families.  If they choose to live outside in the real world, they are not allowed to ever speak to their families or friends again.  It's a hard decision to make, I am sure.  In the documentaries I've seen, some kids turn into drug addicts and sellers, they get in trouble with the law... A lifestyle of excess.

So, this is the true story (the true story) of 5 Amish kids that are sent to live in a Hollywood Hills Mansion and have their lives taped to see what happens when Amish kids stop being Amish and start being real... crazy.  The 5 Amish on Ramspringa are sent to live with 6 "citydwellers."  They basically got the most vapid and evil people they could cast to live with the Amish.

I wont bore with details, but I will say that the black girl Whitney is almost like the Amish. She grew up in South Central LA but is experiencing half of the things the Amish kids are experiencing for the first time.  Its incredible and humbling to see these 5 Amish kids discover what we take for granted.  Most of all the ocean.  To see 2 of the Amish cry when brought to the ocean is gut wrenching.  Its that pure and breath-taking for these folks that it brings them to tears.  I know that I personally am so jaded and exposed to everything that there is not much in this world that could awe inspire me enough to bring tears at first sight.  And that is sad. 

Amish in the City is a summer keeper!

My friend Matt loved it but had this to add: "I think they cast this show in 10 minutes. "


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