Joe Schmo 2 8.2.04

"If Patrick Swayze's danced it... I've learned it!" - Gerald "The Gotta Be Gay Guy" before his dance off with TJ "The Playa". Brilliance!

Best Moments of the night:

- Bryce "The Stalker" is kicked off the show because he killed the Falcon in a fit of revenge for the falcon killing his frog.
- Tim "Joe Schmo" on the verge of beating Bryce up for killing the falcon.
- The Chains Of Love tribute gone wrong by way of diarreah.
- The tribute to Goldmember
- The whole Dance Off Scenario
- Tim: "Have you been in a dance off before Gerald?"
Gerald: "I'm 7 and 0 baby!"
- Gerald blowing out TJ's wick at the eviction ceremony.
- Gerald's longing glaces at Austin and his hugging rounds before exiting the mansion.

It makes me sick that this is not the #1 show on cable. Next week is the finale... Tune in if you've not done so yet.

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