Degrassi TNG 7.30.04

In the last episode before the last episode of the summer season of Degrassi we had emancipation, an overdose, a breakup, and a happy ending... finally! Brooding/Eminemish Sean's brother Tracker (who stars in the new gay film 'The Touch of Pink') gets a job in Alberta and Sean has to move with him(as Tracker is his legal guardian and staring the new gay film 'The Touch of Pink'). He breaks up with Ellie, crushing her little rubberband wrist snappin' heart. He finds out that if a teacher sponsors him he can get financial aid and become emancipated, allowing Eminem to stay at Degrassi! Joyous, he is free. His brother leaves him the apartment and all seems well until he tells his increasingly scummy-scuzbucket friends it's also "their house." You know where this is going. Sean's party central. House is always a rockin'. He's late for school, slipping in Shop class and on the verge of total destruction until Degrassi melodrama to the rescue...
His ex-fat faced girlfriend OD's in his bathroom. Longer story short, this wakes him up. He dumps his scummy-scuzbucket friends and it may be happily ever after for Eminem and Rubberband Wrist Snappin' Girl! As an added bonus, Sean removes his ski-cap for the first time all season and he looks okay (sans Peter Gallagher eyebrows).

Next week's finale should be grand as it's their end of year Semi-Formal (Bollywood Nights) and gasp, a fire breaks out! I can only hope szummy-scuzbucket 1,2, or 3 dies in that inferno. One can only dream.

I would also like to point out that it was the last episode of Degrassi Jon and I will watch with our friend Elena as she and her husband Mike moved on Sunday to Albany, NY. Sad.

Also on The N! Teen Dream PAIGE from Degrassi is one of the two castmembers to join the teen-survivor show Girls V. Boys. Basically when they showed Paige chained to a palm tree and her new teammates having to unlock her, Elena and I screamed like 14 year old girls. Not kidding.


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