Six Feet Under 8.22.04

This episode set in motion some interesting plot twists for the finale.
- We've all been waiting for David to snap and he finally has, I only wish we got to see the gory incident in action. Going all Tyson on a restaurant patron is something we've all wished upon once or twice. It just takes a carjacking, getting drenched with gasoline and sucking on the barrell of a gun to push one over the edge I guess. Not to mention hallucinatory chinese babies and a supposedly gay boyfriend that beds a female tween popster.

- Nate invites Brenda to visit his dead wife's family. Smart fucking move. Sometimes I swear this character does not have a brain and that he and Lisa did too many shrooms while in Seattle because common sense is not his strong point. And her dumbass goes. At first, Jon and I were convinced that when Nate left Mya with Lisa's family, it was a kidnapping situation. I was sure that they would never show up at the Hotel and that Nate would go looking and they would have taken her. But, nope. Instead we get the insane sister running into the happy new family in a coffee shop. Akward much? And then we find out that the sister knows who Brenda is...that Lisa told her sister all about her. Oh no, it was a tense and nervous scene for me to watch.

- No she didn't straighten her hair and get all hooched out for a date with Isabelle Evan's husband! If you are wondering what the hell I am talking about, the boy that Rico's wife had a date with was married to our favorite teen alien, Isabelle, from Roswell fame.

- Claire, lay off the drugs much? The scene with Claire and Edie was the best. It's great to see Claire as a sexual being this year. And to see her desires (no matter how fucked up).

Good episode with some great forshadowing!


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