Hillary Duff = The Devil (yes I know its on both blogs)

So I had this whole conversation with a client today about Hillary Duff. She said that she was going with her granddaughter to the Hillary Duff concert tonight in Anaheim and that she was so excited because she loves Hillary Duff. I said it sounded like sheer hell to me. So for the next 20 minutes (no joking) we debated the good v. evil of Hillary Duff.

I said she was talentless and thankless (for demanding more money from Disney). She said she�s a great actress and a good singer. I told her that I wished Hillary Duff died. She laughed and said that was not nice. I said I am more of a Amanda Bynes/Lindsay Lohan kinda guy. She said they were slutty and that Lohan got a boob job but refuses to admit it. I said I respected a tween starlet turned tart and that at least neither of them dissed their meal ticket because they thought the they were bigger than Lizzie McGuire. She said that she respected the fact that Hillary Duff in her many videos and behind the scene tapes has said publicly that she doesn�t want to wear low cut and revealing clothes so that she remains a good role model for girls everywhere. I said that was because she�s fat, flat chested, and has tree trunks for thighs.

It got ugly for a minute then we agreed to disagree. I told her I wanted my Root Beer Lip Smackers back and my friendship bracelet. We�re taking a break�


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