Gay Christmas Tree Shops

Sweet Jesus, this morning I witnessed the first GAY Christmas Tree Shops ad on television. Now normally the Christmas Tree Shops commercials are stereotypical craftsy South Shore (read: middle america women with the worst Boston accent imaginable) housewives that are obsessed with the home shopping networks and Ltd Commodities. Move over housewives, the gays have taken over your chintz and are now marketing it!

It's your typical Christmas Tree Shops commercial, just this time with South Shore Middle Aged Gays pitching bargain after shottily made bargain. They seem like two relatively normal men that live together and LOVE LOVE LOVE 99cent gift bags!


How did they get 2 gays willing and able to show their faces on television. Usually they pass through that store with Jackie O glasses on and a shawl over their heads as to not be recognized.


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