Degrassi High

Yes, the original Degrassi series, not TNG (which as you know I am obsessed with as well). Jon and I are making our way back through the Degrassi Jr. High and Degrassi High tapes. Yes, VCR tapes. I know, right? 8Track much?

In the premiere of the High series, one of the twins, Erika had an abortion. Her summer fling left her with something more than vomit to flush if you get my drift. Regardless, someone at Degrassi has started tormenting her. Writing "Murderer" on her locker. Leaving fliers of dead babies around school. Writing in lipstick on the bathroom mirror "Erika Farrell is a baby killer". Oh, its serious! This bitch ain't kidding.
Needless to say, Erika was tha-roo with that. She came out of class to find punk rock teen ms. taping another flier to her locker and it was CATFIGHT! Meow! Loved it. She didn't break down like, "Oh god, everyone will hate me... poor me, I had an abortion..." SHE WAS LIKE GET OUT THE VASOLINE AND "HERE, TAKE MY EARRINGS, WE'RE GONNA TUSSEL!". A great moment. Genius if you're askin' and I know you are.

If you are in the Greater Boston area and in need of the original series on 8-track like VHS, go to Cinemasmith on Harvard Ave. in Brookline. They have Season 1 of Jr. High and all of the High Series.


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