DVR Update

So the dvr was finally installed on Saturday morning at 9am. As you can imagine I was not a happy camper. At 7pm, noone showed up. At 7:15pm I called screaming again that now 2 appointments were blown by them and the guy is like give it til 8:30 someone is definitely coming. AT 8:30? Yeah right. 8:35pm I call again, so through with the whole process. At that point I had been dealing with Comcast since 3:15pm. Over 5 hours of either yelling or waiting was getting to me. This time I made sure someone was scheduled first thing. He said between 8 and 12. I didnt pay enough attention until I hung up and realized that's a 4 hour window. NO!

I call back again and get a supervisor on the horn. He takes 5 minutes to read over all the calls in their system and guarantees me someone will be there at 8am prompt. So needless to say, 8am flies by, 8:30 flies by. 8:35am, the tech calls he will be there in a couple minutes. 2 guys show up and do this tandum install that takes all of 5 minutes and they are out the door. Fine by me I had a haircut at 10.

We get back to the house at 12:45 and there is a message from a Comcast tech saying he is downstairs and needs to get in to install the box. This is 12:30. He says, you had a 8 to 12 window for an appointment, it's 12:30 where are you?

Two things here:
1. It's past 12 when the appointment should have happened. Where were you?
2. Already installed, communicate at Comcast much?

So about 5 minutes later a woman from Comcast calls saying that a tech has been trying to contact us to install. Jon tells her that someone already came. "Oh"

Needless to say... The dvr is not the same as Tivo but it's great fun and will eventually be just like Tivo. As of now, it can record live tv, I can pause, rewind, ff, go live again, etc. It also will record any show you tell it to by time. It currently is not linked by title but that is coming. It will only get smarter as it rolls out more. With luck in the next couple months, this will be as smart as Tivo. I'll keep you posted.

To cap it all off, I got $20 taken off the bill, free installalation and free Showtime for a couple months! And with luck someone got fired because they missed 2 appointments and lied. Oh, I forgot to tell you that someone told the supervisor I spoke to last that we wouldnt let him in when he came for the second appointment on Friday night. Yeah right, I would have carried that tech up the stairs myself to get that thing installed. Fuckers.


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