My New Obsession... with LESBIANS! You heard me, Lesbians! And what straight red blooded American male isn't? Okay, so I'm not straight but I am still completely obsessed with lesbians.
Since Jon and I now have a couple months of free Showtime courtesy of whatever technician at Comcast fucked with us a couple weeks ago, we've been watching ON DEMAND episodes of The L Word.
I know, I know. You are thinking, god how trivial... that other gay show (Queer as Folk) is horribly acted, written and stereotypical if not self-involved. Okay, so now think of the opposite and you have The L Word.
Incredibly well written and acted, this lesbian romp is more marketable drama than it is gay themed. The pilot episode is very touching and slight in it's boldness. There is some sex shown but it is not the focus of this show. The focus of this show is the relationships, the friendships, and the bond created and sometimes needed in a minority community.
Eric Mabius is hot business as the only male lead of the show and he unfortunatly is straight and by episode 4 engaged to a possible lesbian (Mia Kirshner that I've loved since Love & Human Remains in 93 to the assassin of President Palmer in 24). Flashdance herself, Jennifer Beals is a mess of a character, but there is true emotional depth to her committed relationship. My two favorites are the actual lesbian and former Murmur bandmate, Leisa Hailey (also in All Over Me, a great indie from the mid-90s) and the actress that play's Jennifer Beals' lover, Tina.
I will not be pleased when I lose my Showtime a couple months down the road. Damn.


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