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�Everyday above ground is a good one� Six Feet Under�s motto this season finally came to fruition. I was not so sure that it was true as the weeks went on and on. In what was a great season in terms of character development, sibling relations, and storyline we saw two stand out episodes:
David�s carjacking episode changed his character�s life forever and was a welcomed change of pace for the relatively serial and formulaic drama. Dedicating 2/3 of the episode to the torture and mayhem involved in his carjacking, SFU took a risk that paid off. It mastered emotional meltdown and was a showcase for Michael C. Hall to finally shine as David. Some bitched because it the episode focused too much on David and this one event but it�s a gutsy episode and tonal shift that was much needed in this, their 4th season.
The finale last night was the second best episode all season. It was emotional and came full circle with a number of storylines and plot holes while creating this space for growth and safety (albeit until next season). The motto holds true for almost all of the characters in one way or another�
For George, when he lost his mind he went underground. I am so glad I do not have the survivalist mentality and/or visions of an ex-wife or mother telling him it�s all coming to an end. Poor Ruth, that woman had no idea what she was getting herself into. Shit presents on her doorstep, partial separation, and now mental breakdowns. George has pushed this woman to no end and I am dying to see what they do with her next season.
For David, he is finally free of his torturous demon. When we weren�t sure if he could bring himself out of his fear and pity slump, he did. Man that carjacker is on mental holiday. He is so charming in his naivety, which is why I was so worried that David would cave in and apologize to him. And of course, his father told him to appreciate how much living there is in life and how little pain we all suffer in comparison. It was a very sweet and profound moment.
For Nate, well, once he crawled out from under Lisa�s drama he was able to see the light and appreciate his new family and the possibilities of moving on (finally). In a wickedly disturbing plot twist, Wednesday Addams gave Nate a picture of Lisa on the day of her death, proving someone was with her and that she possibly did not commit suicide. He confronts Wednesday about where the picture came and she suggests that Nate speak with her father. This girl remains the creepiest thing on television. So, we find out that not only was her father there with Lisa when she died, but that he had been having an affair with her for years and that Lisa met him this one last time to say NO MORE! And hence she was� no more. We are still unclear as to whether he killed her or not, but my bet is yes. We may never know as the jackass blew his head off in front of Nate and his wife. If Wednesday wasn�t a morbid mess before, wait til next season.

Now, the others are unclear as to their happiness and togetherness.
Claire is enjoying success and artistic freedom but she�s also now snorting coke, smoking pot 24/7, and sleeping with her photography teacher. So, is she really any better off?
Rico and Vanessa had a reconciliation which was a stellar scene for the actress that plays Vanessa, but in the end Rico will soon be divorced and is living in Claire Fisher�s old bedroom.

In the end, all I can really say is that this season was sad, at times hysterical, and in the end profound. I love it.


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