Lost - Pilot Pt. 1

One of the most compelling hours of television since the premiere of Alias in 2001. Oh, and what a coincidence that Lost is made by the same man that brought us the last great pilot of the new millennium� JJ Abrams. It starts so isolated and quiet and serene only to be quickly turned into a chaotic and torturous rescue mission for our reluctant leader, Jack (Matthew Foxf rom Party of Five). Without a commercial break until 8:22pm, the opening of Lost was not only thrilling and compelling, it was rife with emotions. There was so much sadness and despair in all of the survivors, but the Emmy goes to Fox for his mesmerizing retelling of how he controls fear as Kate, a beguiling female survivor uses a needle and thread to sew his skin back together.

It�s great to see Sean/Weiss get skinned by whatever that creature is stalking the survivors. I love him, dead or alive.

The flashbacks will be a great character development tool as this is the only way to see who these people are and were before the crash. And um, could those plane scenes be scarier? I mean, I fly like once a year and that�s with my friend Prince Valium this show doesn�t help that cause.


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