Degrassi: 35,32,30,14,14,14,13,13,12...

"Jay & Alex" from Degrassi
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That's the age breakdown of the average person attending The N's Degrassi Mall Tour this past Saturday. There was Jon (35), Lil Jenn (32), myself (30) and about 2000 tween and pre-tweens gathered to gawk and lather in Degrassi Mania! For weeks now, we've been geaering up for the stars of Degrassi descending on the Natick Mall. The day before the meet and greet, we realized that the "stars" were not really the "STARS" of Degrassi, but two secondary characters, Jay and Alex. Jay is a scummy no good loser that has been bringing Sean down week after week as they steal and continue to be ugly. Alex is a bitchy semi-scumbag that Emma (oh glorious Emma, why couldnt it have been you at the Mall) kneed in the face last season before slamming her into the lockers face first. She is an evil little girl that will apparently play a larger role this coming season (which kicks off Oct. 1). Case in point, behold how she speaks to Marco (one of Degrassi's resident homos): "Hey gay kid!"
Yeah, she's not the nicest. I will tell you this though, both she and he looked much better in person. He is about a foot shorter than I thought and cleans up really well. She is hot business. I am talking, needs to be a central character because she is too hot not to be... HOT! Here is a pic.


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