Desperate Housewives 10.3.04

Desperate Housewives
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This show is Pleasantville meets Edward Scissorhands. It�s all kitsch and mystery but comedic and touching. And by the title, these are some Desperate Housewives, let me tell you. Of course, this show is owned by Marcia Cross (crazy Kimberly from Melrose, and Dr. Linda Abbott from Everwood) as the uptight picture perfect stepford wife. She is the highest strung and the most psychotic of them all. Though it seems that each woman in her own has despair� Teri Hatcher is a whimpy (yet hot) recent divorcee with some self esteem issues and in dire need of a good lay. She sets fire to Nicolette Sheridan�s house in a jealous fit because they are both going after a recent single transplant in the form of a plumber named Mike. Felicity Huffman is the once powerful executive now baby machine that hates her life and is fed up with her status qua persona, so much so that she trampses through a pool in a ball gown at a wake to get her lying triplets and later punches her husband in the face as he tells her �lets risk [not using protection]�� Eva Longerian is the hot mamasita that is married to a rich prick of a husband but sleeping with her hotty gardner. She�s so desperate to keep up her subservient charade that she goes home from a formal event to mow the lawn in a ball gown so her prick husband doesn�t fire the hotty gardner.

It�s deceiving, it�s quirky, it�s siky sweet on the surface but brimming over with contempt and secrets. This cul-de-sac will unravel sooner than later and I will have a front row seat.


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