Degrassi Premiere - The Ghost in the Machine

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Hon, Paige is the shit, so take a whiff. Knowing that Paige is my favorite Degrassi character, you should also know that this episode was all about Paige. In Season 2, Paige was raped by a guy named Dean that went to a rival school. She pressed charges at the end of "a special Degrassi episode" and that was that. She found herself again and was empowered as a woman. Go girl. Now, flashforward 2 years and Paige receives a subpeona to appear in court for the rape trial against Dean. A jigga what? Yeah, as The N has been promoting...

"Degrassi... It Goes There"

And how, by episode's end, Paige had demolished Dean's car by ramming her boyfriends BRAND NEW CAR through his at a college frat party just seconds after she told his whole pledging class that he date rapes high school girls. GENIUS! Paige rocks. I mean, whoops, she just demolished her boyfriends new car, but a girl's gotta let it out.

Best line of the night, Craig to homo Marco as he walks into school the first day wearing a mod suit with a skinny tie and sunglasses:
Craig: "Been to the Mall lately?"


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