Survivor is haunting me...

So I checked my spamalicious yahoo account and one of the �bulk/spam� mails was from someone named MIA and not kidding, I had a moment of �Oh My God, she found me!� . Yeah, that Mia, from Survivor.

Of course, its not her sending me an email but just the fact that her name popped up was like she was stalking down anyone that thought ill will towards her last night. Like something out of a Japanese horror film, through technology she gets into the heads of those that telepathically tried to do her wrong (as I did last night praying she got the boot). And could there have been a more jaded �final thoughts� from her? Damn sister, Twila is one of 5 that voted you out and she really was speaking the truth the other night when you supposedly got all �offended�. Please� take your lollipop of a head with a 1994 nose ring and gets ta getting� already. God, I hated her. Maybe she was on that plane in LOST when it went down and she died. The LOST plane was coming from some sort of exotic locale, you don�t know�

Long live TWILA!


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