Monday 10.4.04

Still Standing
Best use of animal traits by a human goes to the boyfriend on tonight's episode. Not to mention her cat's name: Nathanial Pawthorne (brilliant). Her cat's death: Genius (she dressed the cat up for Halloween as a mouse then the mouse caught a glimpse of itself in a full length mirror and charged, assuming it was a large mouse - oh god, I'm still laughing). God I love this show.

OH NOOOOO! Little Delia found her neighbor's vibrator under her bed and was told it was a foot massager. OH NO! I don't know where they are going with this new mousy character Hannah that Ephram and Amy have befriended, but I like the tone of it. I like how Amy is so desperate for a female friend that she is overextending herself trying to make Hannah less, well... Hannah. She likes Manga, wears coke bottle glasses and writes in her journal non-stop. A cheerleader she's not!

RW/RR Battle of the Sexes 2
All I know is that they put Katie and Veronica back in that house and there better be some damn good cat fights. I mean last year we got naked screaming and shoving, how can we top that? AND, finally... there are multiple good looking gay men on a reality show forced to live in the same house. I needs me some hook ups for Shane and the newest Roadie cast member, Nick. How you doin'?


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