Random Thoughts...

So, I have been lax in updating the viewings. Here are some things I've caught this past week...

- Crazy Heche has landed in Everwood and I love it. She is refreshing and you forget that at one point she actually was an ACTRESS. She is incredible in this role. Playing the wife of a invalid and mother of a 11 year old that has dedicated the last 10 years of her life to taking care of her husband. She is so honest and breathtaking in this role, she should win an Emmy. Her character has been so selfless that she now admits to having thoughts about her husband dying and life without him. Breaks your heart. And in a couple weeks I am sure it will kill us all as she temps an affair with our once honorable Dr. Brown. In other storylines, Bright is having the worst year... EVER. VH1 should do a show on that. Ephram and Amy are the cutest. And Nina who at times looks like a trailer park chick cleans up well as she goes on a date with the once alcoholic Bailey Salinger from Party of Five. And when did this show become more focused on the adults? I love it regardless.

Desperate Housewives - Again, this show is ruled by the power of Felicity Huffman and Marcia Cross. Huffman as the ever pushed mother of 4 as she drops those damn evil kids off on the side of the road and drives away (to teach them a lesson) and comes back moments later to find them gone. Her once confidence is shot at the possibility of them missing. She later finds them in some fat lady's house and the kids refuse to come out because this woman has cookies. It's a battle of wits between 4 year olds, a fat lady and a mother. It's brilliant all the way through the mother assaulting the fat lady and the kids biting her. Marcia Cross as Brie again proves her weight in acting gold. When Brie and her husband are in therapy and Brie cant concentrate on a single word her husband says because the therapist's top button on his sports coat is unraveling I couldnt have laughed more. Through multiple sessions she is useless because she is fixated on that button. Oh god, it's good. GOOOOOOD.
Jon said he has a new found respect for this show's writers because they referenced a Dorthy Parker poem without actually referencing it at all (subtly with the single perfect rose commentary). He actually went upstairs and got a Dorothy Parker book to read me the passage, and sure as shit, he was right. Smart.

Other things I've loving...
- RR/RW Battle of the Sexes 2
- Cold Case
- Without a Trace
- Degrassi (this past week was the "hey gay kid" episode and Marco came out to his mother, great!)
- Still Standing
- "Alternative" on VH1 Classics (it's like watching 120 minutes back in the day with Dave Kendall)


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