Lost 10.13.04

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In tonight's episode we learn about Locke, the creepy survivor with that harsh scratch through his eye. I always assumed him the shifty evil sort, but after tonight's ep we realize he is a really complex and sad character. I felt so bad for him as you see him being patronized by his boss which is half his age, then to realize his "lady" is really a phone sex operator that he is in love with and that he has purchased her a ticket to join him on his Australian Walk-About trip only to be reminded that he is only a customer. Then when he gets to Australia, he is denied access to his life long dream and spiritual journey because he's a cripple. Who knew? Apparently when the crash happened, it reveresed whatever his condition is and he was able to walk again (in a heroing scene that honestly almost brought tears to my eyes). It was complex and unexpected and in the end gave him more depth than any other character in the four episodes that have aired so far.

I love how each week is focus on character X, giving us some background information without giving away all of their allure. It's a well crafted show that continues to reach beyond the supernatural or creepy to become a great character drama.

And that man in the suit that Jack stared at numerous times scared the hell out of me for some reason, not kidding, I had chills on that first long shot of him.

Oh, and what is with the character of Shannon, she seriously looks like she just stepped out of a salon having recieved a facial and some new wispy hair each week. Everyone else that survived, possibly looks like they have undergone some form of trauma... not Shannon, fresh as can be. Go girl.


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