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Degrassi: TNG
No he didn't. I know that scumbag abuser needs some anger management classes Rick didn't come back to Degrassi after putting his girlfriend and Degrassi regular Teri in a coma. I mean, hello... Teri is not even back at school yet, she's still hospitalized, but Rick's skankass saunters in like... "Whaaaa-happppened?"

Emma("Cause Girl") immediately takes it upon herself to let him know he's not wanted. She ridicules him, physically removes him by the neck from The Dot (their version of Central Perk), starts a teen violence ribbon campaign at school and still he stays. Not only that, he's got a mini crush on Emma. Sicko. In the end, Rick tells Emma he came back to Degrassi after some major therapy because he likes it there and wants to show everyone he's changed. Yeah, translation: in an upcoming episode there is some Columbine stuff and I am going to guess his ass is taking names for judgement day. Paige, Spinner, look out!

In other tween news, JT gets pants by Liberty's brother in front of his all time crush, Manny the Man Stealer. He later sees Craig, Manny's ex naked in the lockerroom; mesmerized by the size of his penis, JT realizes he can't compete with that wad. So, what does any red blooded teen boy do? Get a penis pump! Oh, Degrassi went there. We even got the sound effect as Manny walks in on JT using it (a vacuum packed "Pop"). Genius.

Arrested Development Marathon on FX
This is one of those shows that I always wanted to pick up last season, but only caught bits and pieces. Now, I did catch enough last year to realize this show is in fact amazing. I mean, come on now... Jason Bateman is back baby! I love him. This past weekend, FX ran a 5 hour marathon of AD episodes. It was a hoot. I tivo'd it and watched the whole 5 hours in one night. This show is so wrong on so many levels. They are all great, there are no weak members or storylines. It has just the right mix of absurdity and realism. Just enough heart to balance the evil doings. I cannot wait for the new season to start. Long Live Jason Bateman!

Red Sox Games
So, I hate all sports if you really must know. I'm not a fan. Except for the summer olympics and those male swimmers outfits ("Thats Hot!"). But, I will say I tend to get caught up in whatever hub-bub is happening at the moment and I've slipped over to the game(s) here and there. I've always held to the reasoning that if there were hotter athletes in these sports I would watch more, but alas...there is not. What I will tell you though is this... That David Ortiz guy is no good. I'm not a fan. I know my lesbian friend Jenn walks around saying he is her boyfriend and all, but he's not a friend of mine. Anyone that big... I don't trust 'em. And who knew that there were people that only are on a team so that they can run. They don't hit, they don't play a position...they just RUN. That little man that came out to run during last night's game is so happy to run. He looks like he is completely content just kicking dirt up and stealing bases. He probably couldn't hit a basketball with a tree trunk but he can run all day long. Welcome to America.


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