Degrassi: The Lost Episode

Degrassi: The Lost Episode
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"Accidents Will Happen" is the Degrassi TNG episode never aired in America. Only in Canada can you get uncensored, unfiltered and completely honest teen programming. Bless The N for airing Degrassi in the first place, but shame on The N for censoring such an important social issue episode.

Originally supposed to air this past summer, The N pulled this hour long episode revolving around Manny finding out she is pregnant with Craig's child and then having an abortion. Again, Degrassi... It So Goes There.

I downloaded the episode from Limewire and just watched it. It's a frank and honest portrayal of the drama surrounding teen pregnancy and the struggle to make the choice of keeping the baby or not. It's an important topic that The N should feel socially responsible to tell. Official word is that at some point The N may show the episode, so with luck our directionless teen society will be exposed.

In the meantime, here are the catiest and juiciest lines from "Accidents Will Happen"

Paige: "And Hon, remember, next time ask questions first, get naked later"

Ashley: "Hey everybody, these two have an announcement to make. Guys... Guys? Aw, they're too modest. So I'll help spread the joy. These two idiots are pregnant."

Terri: "Manny is so lucky, babies are bundles of love. I'm almost jealous!"
Paige: "Ter, you should be fixed for even thinking that. I like Manny but this is the most loserish move ever. She is going to be somebody's mom. She's totally ruining her life and probably her figure. Hey, that's a really cute color on you Hon, what is that... Watermelon"


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