Without a Trace 10.28.04

Without a Trace 10.28.04
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Let's just start by saying how I just can't deal with how hot the guy that plays Danny is. I mean, it's obscene how much I fantasize about him (he's the first man on the left in the picture accompanying this piece).

Elizabeth (Jessie from "Saved By The Bell" and Nomi from "Showgirls") Berkley looks about 45 and I think she might be younger than me, that's sad. Regardless, she was great in this sad social commentary episode about a "Swan"-like contestant that goes missing. She honestly was incredible in this episode, the insecurity and obsession with perfection was always on the surface of her performance. She broke you're heart and made you sick at the same time. If she can remain this good, we will all forgive her for fucking Agent Dale Cooper in a swimming pool ("Showgirls").


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