Monday 11.8.04

Still Standing (CBS)
I honestly do love this show. It continues to make me laugh outloud at least a couple times a week and I am just plain in love with Jamie Gertz, god bless Star, Muffy, or whatever character she's playing. This week was try to kill the youngest child week. First, the Bill (the dad) gives her the slip as she's running at him in efforts of giving him a big hug and she takes a header into the livingroom coffee table. Then later, her Aunt Linda pushes her face first into the stairwell (which I hit "Instant Replay" on Tivo like 10 times for). I love watching kids get hurt for my comedic pleasure.

Series 7 (IFC)
This is one of my favorite satires. A social commentary on America's obsession with reality tv and violence combined! A government sanctioned reality game show where 5 contestants must hunt and kill each other in hopes of staying alive and making it through 3 seasons worth of shows without dying. If they can survive three series, they are free. I know, it sounds scary and brutal but it's not... its funny! Like brilliant funny. I have the dvd and think that at some point I've made almost every person I know sit down and watch it.


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