Cold Case 11.14.04

Cold Case
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"It's Raining Men" was the title of tonights 80's era cold case of AIDS paranoia and "outing." An excellent episode that revealed many things:

- The macho partner to Lily had a gay brother that died of AIDS. It's some depth to this otherwise gruff character. He showed interesting thoroughness in his investigation and a drive that was not present in previous cases. It was a great departure from his at times wooden character.

- Lily has balls. When she just took the "I experimented and am ashamed so I killed my gay activist brother because he is everything I hate about myself" brother in her hand and led him to that window, my girl is fearless. He's a killer. Granted a one time out of fear killer, but still a killer. Lily don't care. Loves her.

- CBS pushes the gay lifestyle and a little bit of history further along in one episode of "Cold Case" than NBC does with six years of "Will & Grace." CBS is still viewed as the old lady network on Sunday nights and it's great to see that they trust their audiences intelligence enough to air such a good episode regardless of content.

This show is great but was there no other song to title this episode after? It's like some executive at CBS said, "OK, their gay, what is song soooo gay and instantly recognizable? Right! 'It's Raining Men' Perfect, run with it!


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