Still Standing 11.15.04

Still Standing 11.15.04
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Tonight, it's all about Jami Gertz. She has grown into this character of Judy on "Still Standing." I think in the first year they were afraid to make the parents too vicious and just plain dispicable, but this year they are embracing Gertz's inner Muffy (from "Square Pegs"). Here is a blurb from tonight's episode in which Judy is talking to her husband Bill about her horrible day with Bill's Mother (Sally Struthers) and her "Red Hat Society" friends. It's pure sarcasm and loathing:

Judy: It was just supposed to be a mixer but somehow Louise forgot they were going to the theatre today to see "Menopause: The Musical"

Bill: That's really a show?

Judy: No, but that didn't stop them from puttin' it on anyway. After that we had to go for coffee and cake and three hours later after we paid our 11 separate checks I was going to take 'em all home but Iris forgot her purse so we had to go ALL the way back. But, it turns out she was sittin' on it the whole time... Boy, did we have a laugh!

It was her moment to shine, I love this show!


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