Arrested Development 11.14.04

Arrested Development 11.14.04
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Tobias is still holding on to the whole Blue Man Group persona and it couldn't be funnier. When he drove by on the side of that utility truck as Lindsay stepped out of a cab to find a "date" I almost peed myself.

Lindsay doesn't realize that Homeless Thomas Jane is only acting as homeless for a role so she gets him a construction job to flaunt off her "conquest"... Genius!

Tobias wearing $400 worth of diamond dust skin lotion as a disguise making his nipples bleed and his lungs stop working... Brilliance!

This show continues to be the best scripted comedy on television. There were so many good moments in this episode that I just couldn't deal.

That poor girl that plays George Michael's object of affection, she is ridiculed, called a boy and just degraded and it couldn't be funnier. God bless homely teen girls and the men that make fun of her.


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