Amazing Race 6 (Post Premiere Review)

Amazing Race 6
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First off, let's start off by saying that any fuckbag that is like 40 and has blue hair is a douchebag. Could he be more of a cry for attention? I hate him and if his plane crashes on the next leg of the trip it would not bother me in the least. I would not mourn, I would not shed a tear. I would fucking jump up and down with excitement. He's a Colin wannabe without the body, looks, or good teeth. With that said...

This premiere had some of the best lines in reality show history. The old lady (Mary Jane) is a one liner machine. Here are her best lines:
- "I don't care if we die when we get there..."
- "If we're lost again I am going to jump off a bridge"

Her husband pulled a couple out as well:
- "They're all ripped. The whole town is trashed!"
- "I'd rather put that ice in a martini."

Here are some of the other fine lines of the evening:

- "Follow that tuckus!" (Brooklyn)
- "LET'S FOCUSSSS" (Bluehair's browbeaten wife)
- "She's got a mouth on her..." (Hayden about Meathead's wife)

And the line of the night:

- "The silicone in my implants are frozen!" (Meathead's Wife)

Genius moment of the night? When my team's hottie Aaron waved the girls from Queens in the opposite direction of the clue and those stupid bitches drove an hour and a half out of the way following the crowd. Genius!

Oh and why does Diesel gas screw a team every season? Jackasses.


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