The OC 11.18.04

The OC
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Seth Cohen remains a god. I hold to this fact and here is evidence:

Seth: "My god she is right. No dude, here I am going on and on about my haircut and my grandfather is in the cooler. I'm like a monster, dude. I'm all I think about and not in a good way..."

Ryan: "There is a good way?"


Seth: World, wrap your head around the new Seth Cohen!"

Ryan: "You're talking about yourself in the third person."

Seth: "How is Seth's hair right now?"


Seth: I'm back Ryan, Cohen Classis. Red, White, and Me!"


There were some other doosies tonight. When Caleb announced that Julie Cooper would take over the company as CEO instead of his trusted daughter, Julie asks: "Who needs more champaign?" It was an inspired moment. Julie Cooper is pure evil and I love every second of it.

Lest we forget eyebrows Sandy Cohen's go-get-em line: "Face it Caleb, it's time to get your Martha Stewart on!"

I love how The OC is so self aware of its standing with its fans and within pop culture. It constantly is self refrencing and mocks itself at every chance. In a smart, it only makes the show better way. A stellar season so far and it looks like the return of Chrismakkuh will be a hum-dinger as well. That new girl makes Ryan a YarmulClaus, a cross between a yarmulke and a santa's hat. Genius.


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