Everwood 11.22.04

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Exchange of the night (well inner thoughts of the night):

Amy: "He's blocking his lips, he doesn't want me to kiss him, God, body language is so telling, PEOPLE Magazine is so right about that stuff."

Ephram: "That girl looks so much like Jennifer Lopez. I wonder if they are related?"

Amy: "I wonder if my Dad would get a subscription if I asked? Probably,"

Tonight was about too much knowledge and where to draw the line with parenting and information. Dr. Brown knew Ephram was going to the mountains to spend the night alone with Amy so they could have sex. He was reluctant to let go again given what happened last time Ephram had sex, but he did. He put his trust in his son and let him go. Dr. Abbott (in one of the most subtle and emotionally honest scenes this season) realizes that Amy is not asking to stay at Hannah's for a sleep over, but that she will be out with Ephram (but where?). Both father's handled it to their emotional capacities without ruining the trust and bonds they've developed with their children. It was a sweet episode.

According to my onscreen guide, next week is the return of Madison though they did not ellude to that in the previews! Oh bring on the pregnancy issue!


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