Party of Five - Intervention

Party of Five - Intervention
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So I just watched my VHS copy (bought, not taped) of the Party of Five "Intervention" episode. It was still shrink-wrapped and packed away.

With the resurgance of Po5 stars these days, I had to bust it out.

Like a little girl, I was crying my eyes out within minutes. I forgot how gut wrenching and brutal this episode was. I remember thinking this was hands down the best hour of scripted television ever made when it originally aired in 1997. 1997, fuck where did the time go? It was the third season, I looked it up, 3rd season of 6. Wow. How far they came in 3 years.

And you know what, in 2004 it still holds as one of the best hours ever produced on television.

When Claudia makes that call to Bailey, lying and saying that Owen had fallen down the stairs and he's not moving, it is rip our heart out sad and Lacey Chabert was robbed of an Emmy for that performance. How you get a little kid to pull that performance off with such emotion is beyond me. From the second the scene starts til she ends it by saying "Shame on you" to Charlie, it makes you sick at how honest and sad it is.

Why Kaiser/Lippman didn't get nominated for an Emmy for this particular epsiode is also a myster, it by far is more superior than whatever else could have been on. What? Matlock? Murder She Wrote? What was on that could have been better than "The Intervention"? Didn't think so.

This brought something to mind though. On television today there is not one show that carries the drama and emotional weight of some of my favorites (all departed): Party of Five, My So Called Life, Once & Again, Felicity... Why is that? Are we not emotionally capable of handling melodrama today? Bring Melodrama back, I am a fan.


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