Everwood 11.29.04

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Ephram Brown, you are an idiot. For a teen male that normally is so self aware and respecting you just fucked up. Amy is a mess because her best friend may have this degenerative brain disease but refuses to get tested and she comes to you for solace and you mistake her being upset about Hannah's possible brain freeze for her knowing you lied. Then on top of that, you tell her the truth? IDIOT! Not the time Ephram Brown, not the time.

Hannah's reveal of her background and what brought her to Everwood was incredibly touching and finally solidified her and Amy as actual friends. Before this, we were kind of force fed this friendship out of need, but now it makes sense.

Crazy Heche, watch you ass. That husband may be comatose in that wheelchair but he knows the lies your lips live. Kissing Dr. Brown in the house you keep with Invalid and Son is not kosher. Dr. Brown should know, he's jewish!

Amy and Dr. Jake in the library was so good. "A Library just seemed so Everwood!"


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