Where Art Thou Corey Parker?

Where Art Thou Corey Parker?
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So, I had this period in my youth where my two favorite guys were nerds. One was as you all know, Jon Crier. The second was Corey Parker!

Who? If you just asked that, I hate you.

Corey Parker was Epstein in Biloxi Blues, the ultajew homo best friend of Eugene Jerome (Broderick). I just loved him in that film, he was Woody Allen in the army and he was adorable. Next came my favorite Corey Parker film, "How I Got Into College" which was just essential in my fundamental years. It was surrealist and absurd yet touching. Parker played Marlon Browne, a helpless daydreamer with sights on the cute and supple Lara Flynn Boyle. There's a great cameo by Nora Dunn and Phil Hartman pre-SNL fame, its just a fun movie. I loved him in that movie.

What brought this on? It was on STARZ this morning and I caught it. It's funny. Characters like Marlon Browne and Duckie Dale are necessary in film history as they represent our geek selves, the obsessive/eccentric selves we don't always project (unless you're on of the gifted ones). For a more late 90's version of this character see the over looked Keri Russell with huge hair and bad clothes comedy, "Eight Days a Week". The boy in that is emo adorable and it just warms your heart.

Oh, back to Corey Parker, I know he was in thirtysomething because I loved him in that, he and Hope were scandalous together. He did Will & Grace as well and was still as adorable as ever. By far, his best credit after "How I Got Into College" was the FOX comedy "Flying Blind" he was neurotic and in love with this model who later moves in with him. Said model was played by Tea Leoni who at the time was the hottest shit on earth, she was damn sexy. We need more Corey Parker in our lives.


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