Lost 12.01.04

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The opening sequence with Claire and her nightmare was one of the best moments of this show so far. This episode by far went in a creepers direction more than any other.

By epsiodes end, when you realize that the psychic knew her plane was going down and this was the only way he could guaranty she raised that child alone, that shit was whack. Scary, insane.

As I told my friend's Donna and Tom this morning via email, this show was somehow creeping to the back of my mind and I was contemplating watching Rudolph on CBS because in some ways I was over it. I think it had lost its allure, but last night's episode sucked me right back in.

With that in mind, I do have to say that the fucking beast in the woods better come out again, and soon.

Speaking of beasts in the woods, um... Ethan, your Frenchie mother cries out for you in the night. Go home and leave Claire alone already.

Jon brought up the best point last night... When is it Hurley's turn at the flashback go round?


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