Lost 12.08.04

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Oh god is "Lost" good watchins! I appreciate Matthew Fox and his welling of the eyes abilities. I appreciate Kate's waaaay believable meltdown. I appreciate Hurley coming in 17th place in a backgammon competition. I appreciate Locke's ability to predict the weather. I appreciate the unwillingness of the survivors to accept Locke as a collections manager for a box company. I appreciate Ethan's crazy ass as his stomping foot. I appreciate hanging a "VH1 has-been" from a cliff.

Wait, Thanksgiving was two weeks ago.

There were some powerhouse moments tonight. Locke's disgust with his own character judgement was humbling. Kate's ability to track and her telling the truth to Jack, it finally revealed a trust and outward emotion on both of their parts.

But hands down, the heavy of the episode was Jack's flashback's. I guess we now know what Jack did to make his mother blame him for his father's state. Matthew Fox deserves an Emmy for his performance on this show. He is incredibly subtle with his emotional outlet, but when it matters, the man pulls the range. When his father has him in the office trying to convince him to sign off on the death report, there are tears just sitting in his eyes, he never lets them drop, they just hang as he listens to his father justify his drunken actions. To top that, when Jack learns that the dead patient was preggers and his father knew it, Jack is so disgusted that he has to rat his father out. It breaks his heart and ours to watch. It was an intense moment.

The flashbacks on this show really are the best parts. I am in love with the whole survivor bit, but finding out about who these people are is where my affections lie.

If I were a straight man, Kate honey, we'd be throwing down. I loves her. Her breakdown over Charlie's possible death was intense and gut wrenching. My friend Jenn and I were talking this morning about how it really seemed like it was real. She was "in the moment" as they say and it was incredible.

Now we have a "Lost" hiatus for a couple weeks. With luck new viewers will catch up and with even more luck, those viewers will carry over to "Alias" when it premiere's in January. That's Hot!


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