Desperate Housewives 12.12.04

Desperate Housewives
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I've decided that I do like this show, but not as much as I had hoped. Since it has become the new phenom, the new "Sex and the City" for women in America, it has lessened somehow. I don't know if it is my perception of the show or if they did in fact dumb it down for women everywhere.

That in mind, parts of this show are just genius. Lynette stealing "The Practice" receptionist that is now a nanny. Apparently the recession hurt her too. I love Bree to the ends of the earth. She is the best comedic and out there performer on the show. When she sabotages her son's swimming future and throws piss all over Rex on the golf course, you see true signs of frustration and desperation mixed in with some incredibly psychotic behavior. That's how I like my women.

And um, Zach honey... you didn't kill your little sister if that's who was supposed to be in that damn toy chest. Hello adult female bones. A jigga what?


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