Without a Trace 12.09.04

Without a Trace 10.28.04
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"Malone Vs. Malone" / Kramer Vs. Kramer on 'roids. Hello! Jack, it's called anger management, look into it. That cunt of an ex-wife went waaaaay too far bringing up personal issues from his childhood including his Mother's suicide, his possible attempted suicide and such. It was soooo not right. At one point I thought for sure he was going to pass out, he couldn't concentrate, he was blurry eyed and flush... then WHAMMO! Chair through window! Merry Christmas "Without A Trace."

I'm still new to this show but I;ve been trying to catch up with the TNT reruns every monday night at 11pm and the occassional rerun on Friday or Saturday that CBS oft pulls out. It's incredibly good and I am addicted.

With that in mind, damn that Martin is an understanding man. Your girl is down in the dumps because her ex is having his divorce hearing in your office and you're still sweet on and to her. Nice guy.

And, I love how they took like 5 hours to decorate that tree. Some little kid went missing and died because they had to put up the tree. That is my kind of office!


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