Amazing Race 6 1.11.05

Amazing Race 6 1.11.05
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So close... So fucking close we were to forever losing Jonathan and Victoria from our TAR6 lives. Those two make me sick. Her and her whiny voice, he with his shrill bouts with anger. I wish nothing but harm to them every Tuesday night. With the preview for next week it looks like we may finally get some as Victoria throws tantrum #95 of the race and Jonathan yells at her for losing a finger or something. The best part of that preview is amidst all the screaming is douchebag Kendra hollering at Jonathan to help his fat wife. I can't wait. With luck she is more horribly disfigured than she already is and they have to leave the race.
In other couple news, Hayden is a rag living in rag city. Damn. Aaron is a wimp. OH GOD, WIMP of all sissy WIMPS is Adam. What with him in that divers suit circa 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. I couldn't, I just couldn't. It was too funny watching his elvish body in that suit while she blows past him and gets that clue. It was like Veruca Salt when she blew up after eating the blueberry treat in Willy Wonka watching those Corsicans trying to get Adams over inflated suit to sink. Genius.


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