Amazing Race 6 1.03.05

Amazing Race 6
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I dont know why and or how, but I am starting to actually like Lori and Bolo. I dont know if its stemming from the "Steroids" incident and how offended Bolo was or if its just that they are not so bright? Regardless, I'm feeling for them.

Some people I am not feeling for:
- Jonathan and his dumb wife Victoria. For real, he has to be the worst human being on earth. I would like to think that post-Amazing Race, she left him but we know that not to be the case. She is weak and abused and he is a fucking tard. I hate him, death to him.
- Freddy and Racist Girlfriend. Are you kidding me with that "I'm Gonna Break One Of You In Two" bit? Come on now, it was nobody's fault but the gate and your being too tall and stupid. We replayed it like 8 times, there was noone touching that gate other than Freddy and Bright Eyes Hera's head.
- Adam. Nothing more can be said.
- Rebecca's lips. Not Rebecca, but her lips. When on the race does she have time for lip injections? Not kidding, there are times during different episodes where she looks like she got her lips done on her way to the Fast Forward.
- Hayden. You're disgusting. I once thought you were cute, but your skinny and trashy and bitchy and I kinda wish Bolo had punched you. Is that wrong?


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