Without a Trace 1.14.05

Without a Trace 10.28.04
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I miss "OZ". That show was great fun. I loved the prison gang raping, the battle of color lines, the invalids, the Muslims with the great bodies and the hot man on man action we got each week. Watching 80's star Brian Bloom blow Chris Meloni was a dream come true. I think we all can agree on that.
Last night's "Without A Trace" was no "OZ" but it was great TV. Am I the only one that thought the inmate that was supposedly missing was anything but pure Caucasian? How was an Italian Greek part of a White Power movement in Prison? In "OZ" Schillinger never would have allowed that. Please. I know Prison life. I spent 6 years on the inside of Oswald State Pen, CBS can't pull one over on me!


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