Lost 1.19.05

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I was worried that this episode would be lame because to tell you the truth up to this point I kind of wanted that kid to be eaten by the beast or a polar bear, but after last night, this kid is intriguiding. He's got some special powers, hello! Did you notice that the bird he made slam into the window and die was slightly shaped like a plane as it lay lifeless? HA!

The scene with Charlie deciding whether or not to read Claire's diary was hyssterical. At one point he bit the diary, I love Charlie!

Yeah and Claire walking out at the end all dirty! Yes! You know she had that kid and those people at the black rock are eating it or something by now!

And I was excited for the Party of Five reunion last night! Michael's ex was also Jack's ex... Well, not Jack's ex, but Matthew Fox (Jack) was on Party of Five and his girlfriend in the later years was a woman named Grace and the actress that played Grace was playing Michael's ex, Susan. Are you Lost?


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