The O.C. 1.20.05

The O.C.
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I had to download this episode because I forgot to DVR it. Anyhoo. Here are the best lines of the night...

Kirsten: "Sandy's idea which is in a different direction involves funding a low income housing development.
Julie Cooper: "Huh! That's kinda cute, I guess. But Kiki, we're trying to appeal to the Newport elite. We need to think about who these people are. They're bored, rich, gossip-mongers that like to shop. They're me! And I don't care about low income housing.

Sandy: "Okay, Honey I don't want to alarm you, but there is a giant Julie Cooper on the table!

Seth: "So, where is she, 'cause I will totally fight a girl!

Summer: "It's just that my whole dating experience amounts to a six month angst-fest with cookoo for Cohen. So when I am with you its like I was raised by wolves


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