Amazing Race 6 1.25.05

Amazing Race 6 1.25.05
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I realize watching TAR6 each week that I could soooo easily be the person that does not read the whole clue and fucks everything up. I could be Freddy or Lori, forgetting their ticket after making it all the way up those 1000 stairs. I could be Jonathan and Victoria forgetting their second ass, well I like to think I could never be those two botards but who can tell. The point is, I can see myself making these mistakes. I'm the person that follows a recipe to the T (supposedly) and it still burns or doesn't rise or is missing a key ingredient. Mind you, not all the time, but occassionally its been know to happen. And can I just say that is snowing like a mother fucker right now? Thought the blizzard was 3 days ago. What?


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