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Town Haul
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TLC�s newest makeover is �Town Haul� hosted by the bubbly Genevieve Gorder (one of my favorite ex-�Trading Spaces� designers) set in Jeffersonville, New York. Population: dumpy. A small town about 7 miles from the historic site of Woodstock, �Town Haul� is a community makeover, restoring the beauty and sense of community within Jeffersonville. Gen has a design team and hundreds of JVille volunteers at her disposal as she makes her way down Main Street redesigning approximately 10 projects in a short period of time.

Each project is assigned a Project Manager, which is a resident of the town usually with some tie to the project. After seeing two episodes and two projects completed, I have to say that it is a huge task. The first project was remodeling Kelly�s Kones, a local ice cream haunt and the center of activity in JVille. Kelly�s daughter Bridget was named PM and this girl was a hoot. She was soooo upstate NY its not funny. Her accent reminded me of my entire family. She was sassy and a workaholic. Having multiple jobs at times proved trying on the 18 year old, but she somehow pulled it together.

The second project revolved around a local handicap man named Cowboy Bob. Cowboy Bob lives about 4 miles outside of town and commutes each day to JVille on his beat up old scooter. He lives in a shack of a house which is on the verge on being condemned and wishes he was closer. A local couple generously donates their large garage to Gen and the �Town Haul� team to be renovated into a house for Cowboy Bob. An incredible gesture. Cowboy Bob (CB) seriously looks like he just stepped out of Born on the Fourth of July. He�s got a heart of gold and just wants to be an official resident of Jeffersonville. So, problem solved. Sort of.

As the begin work on the garage, the owner, a high school teacher conjures up a lease for CB to read over and sign. Fine, this is standard. Here�s the kicker. In the lease, it says the CB can only have 1 dog and 1 cat. That�s reasonable until you find out that CB has 2 dogs and 4 cats. These people knew this going into the project and for them to put these limitations on CB made me sick. So the poor bastard has to spend the rest of the episode trying to find homes for all but 2 of his pets and its just heartbreaking to watch. That might have been a deal breaker, but who can tell?

The episode was very sad and touching. CB cried. Gen cried. We all cried as Cowboy Bob got a home. I am in love with this show. I don�t know if its because week after week you are with the same characters so you get emotionally involved more so than you do on other shows or what, but Genevieve has a gold mine with �Town Haul.�


  • hi im bridget and i rock!!!haha yeah....but the show was cool and i luv my mommy!!

    By Anonymous bridget sexxxiii mami, at 1/02/2008 11:49:00 PM  

  • oh yeah and i dont have an accent!!!! haha but yeah im not as mean as they made me look and ray is the shizzel!

    By Anonymous bridget sexxxi butt, at 1/02/2008 11:51:00 PM  

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