The O.C. 2.3.05

The O.C.
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Marissa is going head first into this lesbo thing! Fearless Mischa Barton� I wonder how this will affect her character in Seth and Zach�s comic. Will she now have a really butch haircut and wear work boots instead of spiked Manolo�s? I love this arc for Marissa�s character. She was reaching a breaking point; either she was going to finally just kill herself or find another way off the show. She�s not affiliated with any of the boys on the show anymore so what is the point? At least Summer is still Cohen�s perpetual crush and a powerhouse of comedy, so she has a purpose. Marissa not so much. After the Ryan split (which I pray is forever) she was relegated to the bottle. Been there, done that! If they didn�t write her out, they had to do something and I can see Marissa reaching for any kind of happiness. I hope this is more Willow and Tara (�Buffy�) than Abby kissing Amanda Donohue on �LA Law.� That would be bust!
And here�s a question� When did Kim Delaney�s face get so damn fat? Was she up for Kirstie Alley�s part in �Fat Actress?� Much?


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