Those are my girls in that picture. Coral on the left and Tina on the right. The two most brillant reality chicks to ever grace television. Coral is harsh with the words and everything that comes out of Tina's mouth sounds like fighting words. Attitude is not missing from these two. And I love em!

The reunion was hysterical because it was basically 22 minutes of hatred. They all just call each other out and say how they hate each other and yadda yadda yadda and its exactly what I want to see. They could do a series based on these reunions because its more drama than the real show.

When Coral said she would make an alliance with any "bitch" that could help win her $60k, you know its true. She's only thinking about one thing... the cash! And when she said she'd align with "Trishelle's dumbass" I almost peed.

Now, Tina doesn't get as much glory and screen time as Coral because she's newer to the challenges but when she does... POW! In your face Tanya you whore. "Tanya you amaze me with what you'll put in your mouth." and "Tanya, you got Punk'd out on television..." Tina is not afraid of a fight and she's my new best friend.

I love this show!


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