Crazy Kimberly is Gay! Thank God!

Marcia To Reveal She's Gay

Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross is set to reveal she is a real-life lesbian by posing for a gay mag.

The sexy redhead - stuffy Bree Van De Kamp in the hit show - will join the likes of Cynthia Nixon and Ellen DeGeneres by coming out.

Marcia, 43, is believed to be in a long-term relationship with a brunette from another top US show.

And she will pose on the cover of US mag, The Advocate, to confirm her sexuality.

The Sun quotes a show insider as saying: "Everyone on the show is aware of Marcia's leanings, as is the rest of Hollywood.

"She hasn't made a secret of it. Some of the other housewives were worried the news might hurt the ratings. But creator Marc Cherry is gay and very supportive of her decision."

It comes just as her screen son Andrew, played by Shawn Pyfrom, is outed as gay. Bree fears her uptight nature 'contributed' to him being homosexual.


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