Alias 2.17.05

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Girl on girl gun action is hot! �Sisters doin� it for themselves!� Screw the anorexic caffeine induced antics of the Olsen twins� its ass kicking man eating drop kicks from Sydney and Nadia that straight men want! Or so I assume... As a gay man, I want to see it; so I can only imagine throngs of D&D / LoTR geeks dying over these hot half-sisters beating the shit out of people and looking fierce in wetsuits.

Gawking aside, these stand alone episodes are slowly and subtly working their way back into the tricky labyrinth of �Alias�� past 3 seasons. They used their new timeslot wisely by easing new (carry-over) viewers into their spy world with easy to grasp high intensity and sexually charged episodes. Now that they�ve hooked viewers while moving basic storylines through and hinting at deeper issues, they are starting to bring the back-burner topics to light. Case(s) in point: Dixon went off on Sloan last week. This week Sydney spent plenty of time and agony reminding Sloan he killed her fianc� (Danny) and best friend (Francie-though Evil Francie was incredible to watch) and that she will never EVER trust him. Next week we have the return of Sark and Anna Espinosa! Anna is Syd�s rival from Season 1 and an incredibly strong Spy. Sark� SAAAAAARK! How we love the! My precious. I say it�s not long before Rimbaldi pops back up (possibly in these next 2 episodes featuring Sark and Anna as they both were linked to Rimbaldi).

EW last week said �Alias� was losing its core and I disagree; some retooling and hand holding was a welcomed break from the confusion the show usually brings.


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