Alias 2.9.05

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The guy in the beginning that attacked Syd had RAGE, to that I say� That�s Hot! Vampiresque in allure, this episode again worked a case while working the relationships in the show further along. This season is shining in that department. Last year it was one or the other. The continuity of the Rimbaldi case lagged because they did something with Vaughn and Syd or Lauren and Syd or whomever. It was always one or the other. This season there is a tight balancing act that they�ve somehow mastered. The heart of the show is back and I will say that �Alias� is better than ever. Oooooh and when Dixon finally revealed his true disgust, hatred, and untrust of Sloan I let out a �FINALLY!�
Sloan better be dead by the end of the season, I�m through with him. We can move on now. I�ve already worked out how it will work too. Nadia will try to kill Jack for killing her mother and Sydney will be forced to kill Nadia and Sloan will die instead. JJ Abrams, I�ve worked it all out for you. Just film it!


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